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Award-winning fintech software development provider Digital payment services (Pvt) Ltd (DPS) has been selected to develop a bespoke comprehensive digital banking platform for Commercial Bank of Ceylon Bangladesh. The solution will be the first of its kind in Bangladesh, incorporating a number of innovative features to accelerate the onboarding of new customers as well as the introduction of new banking products and services.

In recent years, DPS has been recognized as one of the leading local providers of FINTECH services, working closely with several financial institutions, both locally and in the region. In Sri Lanka, DPS is the digital banking solutions provider for the Commercial Bank of Sri Lanka, having developed the innovative ‘Flash Digital Bank’ platform which is used by many clients across the country.

“Bangladesh offers a number of exciting opportunities for a digital banking solutions provider,” said Mufaddal Lukmanjee, CEO of DPS (Pvt) Ltd. “Most exciting is the ability to use biometric or facial recognition as part of the onboarding process to enable faster and more secure Know Your Customer (KYC). We are privileged to work with the team at Commercial Bank Bangladesh at this critical point in their digitization journey, where the whole country is poised to become a regional hub for commerce. “

“In Bangladesh, we currently operate 19 branches in a country of 164 million people,” Najith Meewanage, CEO of Commercial Bank Bangladesh. “The digital banking platform will allow us to reach more potential customers without them going to a branch in person. This will also allow us to quickly deploy new services for our customers and ensure a better customer experience.

Commercial Bank Bangladesh has been rated AAA for 11 consecutive years by CRISL (a renowned rating agency in Bangladesh). It also received two awards as “Best Foreign Bank in Bangladesh” by two UK-based rating agencies, Global Business Outlook Awards and Global Economics Ltd, and “Most Sustainable Bank in Bangladesh” from Dubai International Business Magazine Awards in 2021, a sign of the sustainable and stable growth of the bank in recent years.

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