North American banking company offers super credentials to protect customer identity and privacy

ROSEVILLE, Minn .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – North American Banking Company, a bank committed to leadership in technology, security and customer service, today announced that it offers Super IDs to its customers to protect their identity and privacy without costs.

“With record levels of identity fraud and data breaches, it has become clear that we need to do more to protect the identity and privacy of our customers,” said Michael Bilski, CEO and co-founder of North American Banking Company.

Massive data breaches have sent the personal information of nearly all Americans to underground markets to be sold and resold for fraud. Consumers are at risk because information stolen during breaches is also used to verify identities and access accounts. North American Banking Company now uses Super IDs to protect the identity and transactions of its customers. Super IDs are unique to each customer, belong to the customer, and cannot be misused if stolen or compromised during a breach.

“Since opening our doors 20 years ago, we have been committed to developing and adopting the latest technology to ensure we are delivering the best, safest and most secure banking services available to our customers.” , said Bilski. “We have always listened to our customers, which has helped us make our decisions about new products and services. Giving Super IDs was a natural step.

“We are bankers, but we are also consumers and members of our communities,” said Bilski. “We are concerned about our families, friends and neighbors. Super IDs offer the highest level of identity and privacy protection, and we offer them to all of our customers and new customers. ”

Current and new account holders can activate their Super IDs at any bank location in Roseville, Minneapolis, Hastings, Woodbury and Shoreview. The process is quick, easy, and free. Super IDs secure customer transactions, protecting their accounts from access by a fraudster.

“To prevent identity fraud, we must all work together,” said Brad Huckle, co-founder and president of North American Banking Company. “We were drawn to Super ID because it’s a step we take with our customers. They join us in the fight to stop fraud, restore privacy and help us secure their financial lives. ”

“We can’t protect our customers everywhere,” he said, “but we can protect them at North American Banking Company. ”

About the North American Banking Company

North American Banking Company ( is a locally owned and operated community bank with over $ 500 million in assets and five locations in the Twin Cities.

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