Republic Bank converts from Scotiabank banking platform

Republic Bank resulted in activities associated with what it described as a “huge task” of converting the Scotiabank banking platform to the Republic Bank banking system.

Saint Lucia Country Manager Gordon Julien said a project conversion of this magnitude that peaked on September 1, 2021, has been made more difficult amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But Julien gave assurances that Republic Bank had its best talent both locally and through the company’s group network, working throughout the conversion process.

He said in a statement that the bank sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience suffered by its customers and wishes to express its sincere thanks for their patience and understanding.

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“We can assure you that your balances have been successfully transferred to your new Republic Bank account and that your recently collected debit card is already activated and can be used at all ATMs on the island. We are actively working to ensure access to the Point of Sale terminal as quickly as possible, ”explained Julien.

He noted that the Republic Bank provided information through radio, press, its website, direct emails and social media posts.

But he said the bank recognizes that with the current pandemic and so much going through the electronic media, some messages may have been missed.

As a result, the country manager of Republic Bank underlined the institution’s commitment to increase its communication channels so that more information is available to customers, and encouraged them to seek and listen to updates. .

For credit card customers, you must have collected your new Republic Bank credit card and the PIN to be used for transactions. For those customers who have yet to withdraw their credit and debit cards at our branches, we implore you to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols for physical distancing, face shielding, and hand sanitization as the safety of you, our customers. and our staff is essential, ”he said.

“We understand the anxiety and worry you may be feeling right now. We also recognize that in this initial phase, teething problems can create even more anxiety. We thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience caused, ”said Julien.

Title photo: Gordon Julien

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