Russell Westbrook led a savvy $63 million investment in digital banking platform ‘Varo’ by investing millions of his own net worth

Last year, Russell Westbrook was part of an investment round for digital banking platform “Varo” that raised $63 million.

Russell Westbrook has left no stone unturned when it comes to negotiating his NBA contracts. The 2017 regular season MVP currently has a player option he can accept to return to the Los Angeles Lakers for the final year of his contract. That would award him $47 million for the 2022-23 season.

Of course, with the way the Lakers have outlined their offseason intentions so far, it doesn’t look like they’ll be putting Russ on the trade block. However, news has emerged that the Lakers may be interested in pursuing Kyrie Irving should he become available.

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Either way, Russell Westbrook wouldn’t have to worry about it from a financial standpoint, as he’s quite determined on that front. While his NBA earnings alone are huge at $335 million since 2008, his endorsements and investments are what will help him in the long run.

Russell Westbrook led an investment round in the “Varo” platform.

Digital banking platforms are something NBA players are starting to get used to when it comes to investing in them. Steph Curry invested in ‘Step’ last year and Kevin Durant invested in a financial literacy app called ‘Brigit’ a month before Russell Westbrook made his investment.

Although the details of his investment are not publicly known, he led the investment round through his “Russell Westbrook Enterprises” on the platform known as “Varo” in February 2021. The total investment amounted to $63 million by the time the business round ended.

Westbrook is also a financial advisor to “Varo” as he helps them build stronger and healthier relationships with minority groups. “I am passionate about lasting social change and creating a stronger, more inclusive system,” said Russ.

It’s unclear if Westbrook has capitalized on that investment yet, but it’s safe to say he most certainly will in the future.

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