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Managed to Collect the Initial Installment of your Vehicle Credit



It has taken you time, but you finally managed to collect the initial installment of your vehicle credit . You have already chosen the model, you have paid and signed the contract and oh surprise !: You were the victim of a scam! I don’t want this to happen to you, so here I show you how to protect yourself from scams when buying a car .

Beware of dealership offers

It is true that there are dealerships that offer you the sale of a car and are absolutely transparent, but there are others that are not. Those must be feared! I advise you first to stay away from the dealerships that put you as a condition to acquire the financing of your vehicle with them: They are not your only option!

Those who offer you this clause can set you up as: signing contracts that are not terminated – which can make you lose your money and your car. Another problem that may arise with them is that their interest rates can be very high so in the end you will end up paying the value of two cars – or more – instead of one.

Check the vehicle you are going to buy well

money savings

Another type of fraud in which you can fall in the purchase of cars is to acquire a damaged good . Especially when you buy a car at auction or re-sale.

I advise you that if you are going to buy a second-hand car it is best to go in the company of your trust mechanic . And it is that damaged cars may seem fine to the naked eye, but if you give them an in-depth analysis they may have irreparable problems or extremely expensive. Don’t you want to put your personal finances at risk with them or if?

Products you did not order

To your final account, for the value of the car, some dealers may charge you for things you did not ask for. As anti-theft products, upholstery protectors, etc. Be careful and read your contract well before signing for all this. That way you will avoid paying for things you don’t need.

Have these tips served you? To protect the personal budget that you have set aside for the monthly payment for your vehicle credit , you cannot afford to be a victim of scams.

Doubt, ask and investigate everything you can before deciding to buy a good like this, so you will avoid paying for an exaggerated debt or losing the money that cost you so much to collect for the initial fee – or for the total cost of the vehicle.

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